Best Agents in San Francisco – ReLISTO Does it Better

Best Agents in San Francisco – ReLISTO Does it Better

When Eric Baird and Jackie Tom founded ReLISTO in 2010, a San Francisco Bay area leasing and property management brokerage  they  wanted a company which remained focused on the needs, and requirements and service of our landlord’s. To accomplish this they started with hiring/building/training a team of agents who stay focused on the essential element of excellent client care  such as  being great listeners   and being prepared/trained for the job of securing qualified tenants for our landlords,.  While combining this with cutting edge tools and professional sales. As a former Emergency Department Nurse Registered Nurse and firefighter, Eric understands the importance of listening to the health emergency or regular checks and training to ensure when an emergency strikes, is easily mitigated.  ReLISTO brings this listing and proactive strategy into the rental industry.

This blog series will go over exactly how ReLISTO provides the best value to landlords possible, to help the landlords maximize their assets. Professionalism,  Trained agents, Photography, Virtual tours, data analytics, software, and tenant services will be highlighted throughout this series to show how ReLISTO agents do it better for our landlords and their properties.

What Makes ReLISTO Agents the Best?

San Francisco Bay Area Landlords who choose ReLISTO agents experience top notch customer service for both them and their tenants. ReLISTO agents are landlord focused, sales educated, and experts on the San Francisco rental market.

Landlord Focused

ReLISTO rental agents are trained to be landlord focused, making the entire leasing process run smoothly and effectively. All ReLISTO agents are focused on maximizing the value of your rental property through our sales knowledge and expertise on the bay area rental market. 

Our agents handle tenant communications and document storage for you, so you don’t have to. Your agent will make sure that all documents are delivered to your tenant for move-in, including any special addenda, CC&R’s, or any other important documents. We also offer turnover services, to make tenant move-outs and move-ins easy.

ReLISTO manages your finances, including timely rent collection, security deposit management, and financial reporting. We also provide a free tool to calculate your security deposit interest in San Francisco’s tricky rental market.

Trained and Educated Agents

ReLISTO prides itself on having the most knowledgeable agents who are experts at leasing in the bay area market. Our agents are sales educated, with a specific focus on leasing of apartments, condominiums and houses. Our agents are trained in house, as well as trained by professionals we bring in to teach about sales, leasing, and the market.

San Francisco is notorious for its complex rental laws, and our agents are experts on the local market. Rent and eviction control make this market unique, and our agents are always up to date on the latest information. The San Francisco Rent Board regulates rent and eviction control, which is described as the following:

The San Francisco Rent Ordinance (SF Administrative Code, Chapter 37) was enacted effective June 13, 1979 by the Board Of Supervisors and signed by the Mayor as emergency legislation to alleviate the city’s housing crisis. The Ordinance created the Residential Rent Stabilization and Arbitration Board “in order to safeguard tenants from excessive rent increases and, at the same time, to assure landlords fair and adequate rents consistent with Federal Anti-Inflation Guidelines.”

As an agency which rents many rent controlled apartments, we know the complexities of rent control can be difficult to keep up with as a landlord. This is why we created tools for San Francisco landlords like our security deposit calculator and constantly train our team to be aware of posted guidelines. 

Choose ReLISTO Agents

If you are a landlord with an apartment or investment  condo or home in the San Francisco bay area, ReLISTO agents want to help you maximize your rental asset. Contact us today to speak to an agent about your property(ies) and rest easy knowing your investment is in good hands.