San Francisco Allowable Rent Increase Calculator

If you're a landlord or tenant, rent modifications can be easily verified and rent increase notices sent from your computer.

Want to find out how much rent can be raised and within what period of time? Do you want to send a notice to your landlord or tenant? Use ReLISTO's calculator tool on the left to get started.

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  • The San Francisco Rent Increase Calculator Is Back Online+

    Hello. The SF Rent Increase Calculator is back! After nearly a two year hiatus, we have brought back the calculator for general use. It was taken down due to the many rent restrictions and moratoriums. Now that things are returning to close to normal, the values and calculations again apply. As a reminder, This calculator is designed for both rent controlled and non-rent-controlled San Francisco housing. It helps landlords determine the maximum rent they can charge their tenants and for tenants it serves as a objective reference to ensure what is being asked is within the boundaries as posted by the San Francisco Rent Board. We created this calculator many years ago to help landlords and tenant. We would frequently have both parties in our office with their spreadsheets arguing about calculations. We have seen this help!

  • I'm being asked for the "Date of last increase". What if this is the first rent increase?+

    If this is the first time the rent been increased, under the “Date of last increase” put the lease start date.

  • Can I send rent increase notices directly from my computer?+

    The California & San Francisco Allowable Rent Increases calculator creates a 30 or 60 day notice of rent increase for you to print or email to your tenants. The rent increase notice is for non-controlled properties. You may print, sign, and mail this notice as well as email it. Please follow standard procedures to deliver notices of rent increase or seek legal advice. Delivering directly to the tenant a signed rent increase notice with proof of service is the best and most accepted means of ensuring proper delivery.

  • Why is my percent of increase higher than what I've requested?+

    Most likely you have had additional rent increases in the preceding 12 months. In California all rent increases within a one years’ time are combined together to determine the allowable rent increased based on date of notice.

  • Does the calculator round numbers?+

    Rent increases cannot be rounded up. For example, if a tenant’s new base rent is $1,093.87, the landlord cannot charge the tenant $1,093.90 or $1,094.00. However, the landlord can round down The California & San Francisco Allowable Rent Increases calculator follows this rule and will not round up numbers.

    However, following the Rent Board's published guidelines, the calculator will round up the number in the second decimal place to the next highest penny if the number in the third decimal place is 5 or above. For example, $1,093.87 x 1.7% (.017) = $1,112.46579. In this case, since the number in the third decimal place is 5, it is permissible to round up the second decimal place from 6 to 7 and the tenant’s new base rent is $1,112.47.

  • My city has a different set of rules to increase rent. Can you create a calculator to help?+

    Yes! Our calculator is very flexible and can accommodate other criteria which your city or state may have. Send us a message to to let us know the area you're in. If we get enough interest we will add your area!

  • Does the rent increase calculator work for rent controlled properties in San Francisco?+

    Absolutely yes! The calculator was built by one of San Francisco's leading real estate leasing and management companies to make it easier for both landlords and tenants to calculate the proper amount of increase for rent controlled properties.

  • Can I check to see if my landlord properly raised my rent?+

    Yes. The rent increase calculator was built for California. Users can enter the data provided on their notice and validate if the amount of increase was correct and if the proper amount of notice was provided.

  • Which browsers are supported?+

    The latest versions of Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, and Microsoft Internet Explorer are all supported.

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