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Meet Falisha Khan, a proud Bay Area native deeply connected to the vibrant neighborhoods of San Francisco and beyond. Committed to excellence, Falisha brings her expertise as a top leasing agent to ReLISTO, skillfully bridging landlords and dreams.

Falisha’s Real Estate Journey

Falisha specializes in various neighborhoods and property types, from cozy homes to modern condos. She knows the Bay Area well, with insights stretching across the East Bay and San Mateo County.

Her real estate journey began in 2017 when she partnered with respected broker Jackie Tom, sparking her passion for the industry. With over five years on the Rentals in SF team, Falisha consistently delivers great results.

An academic standout, Falisha earned her degree from CSU East Bay in 2017, laying the groundwork for her career. In 2021, she went further, getting her Real Estate License. Notably, Falisha’s client-focused approach won her the SFAA Client Service Representative of the Year Award in 2018.

Seamless Expertise: Falisha’s Role with ReLISTO

ReLISTO recognized Falisha’s skills and asked for help in East Bay property management. Now part of the ReLISTO team, she brings her expertise for exceptional service.

Falisha’s Personal Joys

Beyond her achievements, Falisha is a devoted wife and mother of three, smoothly balancing her thriving career and family. When not working on property deals, she enjoys quality time with loved ones, exploring cultures through travel, and savoring diverse foods.

Falisha’s love for nature extends to outdoor activities like walking, hiking, and tending her garden. She also adores her four-legged family member, a cherished cat.

Your Trusted Partner in Bay Area Real Estate

What sets Falisha apart is her deep understanding of landlords’ needs, shaped by her experience as a landlord herself. This insight helps her connect with finding great tenants and delivering superb service. Falisha’s dedication shines; she’s available round-the-clock, even while on vacation, to serve her clients.

Falisha Khan is more than a leasing agent – she’s a trusted partner combining local knowledge, industry expertise, and a genuine passion for serving. Whether you’re chasing your dream property or need reliable investment management, Falisha Khan guides you in the dynamic world of Bay Area real estate. Contact her today to turn your property aspirations into a seamless reality.

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