Service requests

Need assistance or service?

Information on managing common situations and who to contact

Not sure who to contact? Contact your agent or refer to your lease for details. In the majority of cases, the Property Owner will be your primary contact.

ReLISTO represents owners, landlords, property managers, and real estate professionals to successfully market and lease real estate investments such as houses, apartments, and condominiums. For a select number of clients, ReLISTO acts in the capacity of a property manager and offers management-level services.

For properties managed by ReLISTO Property Management, log into your Online Portal.


Immediate threat to life or property

Fire, flooding, or criminal activity

  1. Call 911
  2. When safe, call owner or property manager

If you smell natural gas

  1. Evacuate Area
  2. Call PG&E at 800-743-5000 and 911
  3. Contact owner or property manager

Other emergencies

All other scenarios where life or irreparable/costly damage to property will occur within a short period of time:

  1. Call 911
  2. When safe, call owner or property manager

After-hours non-emergency situations

During normal business hours contact owner or property manager.

Electricity out

  • Is it just one light or all the lights? Check to see if the lights are out on the street or other houses on the same block.
  • If it’s just one room, check circuit breakers and flip if required.
  • Is the bulb burnt?  Unless addressed in the lease, light bulb replacement is the responsibility of the tenant. For certain units with tall ceilings, special accommodations or equipment may be available.

Clogged toilet

  • Use a plunger to clear the blockage.
  • If the plunger is ineffective or if the toilet is overflowing, shut water off using the valve behind the toilet. Check your lease for specific instructions.
  • If the blockage is due to a mechanical issue with toilet submit a service request below.
  • If the toilet is clogged due to an inappropriate use of the drain, consider calling a plumber directly as any service fees will be billed directly to the tenant(s).

Lost key or locked out

  • Check your lease or house rules for specific instructions.
  • During evenings, nights, weekends, and holidays call a locksmith.
  • During normal business hours you may pick up a set of keys at the ReLISTO office.  Be prepared to present Photo ID and call ahead as ReLISTO does not keep keys on hand for all properties.

Raining and roof is leaking

Move furniture from underneath the leak, set up bucket to collect the water, and submit an online service request below. Contact the owner or property manager if water cannot be contained.

Water coming from unit above

Contact the neighbor above you, contact the doorman, move your furniture, and catch water with a bucket. Contact the owner or property manager if water cannot be contained.

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