Managing your property with ReLISTO

How do I inquire about ReLISTO's property management services?

Contact either Christopher John Corman at 415-236-6116 x 21 or Eric Baird at 415-236-6116 x 11

We look forward to learning more about your property and how we may assist.

ReLISTO specializes in the leasing and managing of residential properties, including multi-unit apartments, triplexes, duplexes, condominiums, TICs and detached homes.  Our service area is focused in the San Francisco Bay Area but  includes the whole of the California Central Coast .

Our property is currently leased, do you still provide property management services to occupied properties?

Yes, ReLISTO is here to be your partner and we want to assist you to make the management of your property as simple and profitable as possible.

As units become available for lease, we have an experienced team who works with our Property Management division to coordinate the move out of your current tenants, handle inspections, security deposit return, any maintenance that may need to be accomplished and then work to get you a new qualified tenant to minimize the period of vacancy.

I currently manage my own properties, how can ReLISTO help me?

With the ever changing building codes, and a fast moving property market, ReLISTO’s experienced team can help to ensure that you are fulfilling your responsibility as an Owner/Landlord and also, with our in-depth knowledge of the market, that you are maximizing the earning potential of your property.

Why ReLISTO property management?

Value, Professionalism and Personal Service.  While some companies offer the promise of individual attention, we go the extra mile to develop a relationship with our owners and to be a great representative to their renters.

In addition, we utilize the latest technology to ensure efficiency and accuracy which helps us keep our costs down and pass that savings on to our clients.

The experience of a ReLISTO managed property is the best in the industry.