Managing your property with ReLISTO

Do you accept new clients with properties that are already occupied, or do you only work with properties that are currently vacant

Yes, ReLISTO is accepting new clients regardless of whether their properties are already occupied. Whether you’re looking to rent out a vacant property or need assistance managing an already occupied property, ReLISTO’s services are designed to accommodate various needs in the real estate market.

I am an independent DIY landlord and I self manage my own properties, how can ReLISTO help me?

ReLISTO can offer valuable assistance to property owners who currently manage their own properties. While you may not require full property management services, you can still benefit from our leasing services. Our team consists of some of the most landlord-focused agents in the city, dedicated to securing qualified tenants. This is crucial for ensuring a smooth tenancy experience, as having reliable tenants is the cornerstone of successful property management.

If at any point you decide to transition to full property management, our experienced management team can seamlessly take over, providing comprehensive support for all aspects of property management.

In which areas do you offer property management services to landlords

Our property management services encompass the Central Coast, prioritizing landlord care and personalized assistance. Operating in key areas including San Francisco, Marin, the Peninsula, East Bay, South Bay and the Monterey Peninsula, we tailor our approach to meet the distinct needs of property owners across the region.