Rent Pay FAQ

ReLISTO Rent Pay- What is it?

ReLISTO Rent Pay allows our Landlord Clients and Resident Customers to pay rent directly. Money each month is debited from the Residents bank account and goes directly to the Landlord’s bank account. Unlike more traditional Property Management Services, ReLISTO does not take delivery or hold any funds owned by the Landlord.

How do I initiate the service?

To begin ReLISTO Rent Pay service, both Resident and Landlord must submit applications at least 10 days prior to the first rent payment. If application is submitted with less than 10 business days of notice, modify the start date for ReLISTO Rent Pay and make alternative arrangements to pay rent for that one payment.

ReLISTO Rent Pay- What if I make a request with less than 10 business days of notice

Initiating, modifying or cancelling ReLISTO Rent Pay requires a minimum of 10 business days to complete. This being said, we understand that situation may arise.

How do I cancel or modify Rent Pay?

All ReLISTO Rent Payments needed to be cancelled. If you are cancelling with less than 10 business days of notice you have a couple of options

1) Allow payment to go through and have the owner return unused rent back to you along with your security deposit

2) Rush Cancel- In certain circumstances payment may be still cancelled. Mark appropriate box when completing the cancellation order. Processing fees will be assessed

3) Return. Although funds must first clear, ReLISTO Rent Pay can in certain circumstances return funds. Processing fees are assessed.