Kristina Owens-Murphy

VP of Operations and Quality Assurance


Kristina Owens-Murphy has over two decades of experience in the property management industry; she is dedicated to revolutionizing the standards of service provided to associations, residents, and clients alike. Her commitment to excellence stems from unwavering attention to detail and a keen eye for spotting opportunities to enhance the experience for all stakeholders involved. Kristina excels in budget management and prides herself on realistic budget planning that ensures optimal financial outcomes for clients. One of her key strengths lies in her ability to address and resolve any concerns swiftly, ensuring smooth operations and utmost satisfaction. While she embraces innovative and outside-the-box thinking, she also understands the importance of adhering to established protocols to maintain professionalism and efficiency. Driven by a natural inclination toward caretaking, Kristina approaches every aspect of her career and life with an inquisitive and adventurous spirit. She is always seeking new ways to elevate service and exceed expectations. Welcome to a new standard of property management excellence.