Best Apartment Photography in the Bay Area and Why it Matters

Best Apartment Photography in the Bay Area and Why it Matters

Landlords Choose ReLISTO Agents Because We Do It Right

In today’s digital world, a property manager or owner has 3 seconds to grab a potential tenant’s attention. If successful, your potential renter will swipe right, if not you have lost that lead. Only then will they take the time to review the features, amenities, and narrative. We appreciate this new world and work very hard to make sure that each of our properties are swipe right properties. 

At ReLISTO, we are committed to do things right for our landlord clients.  When it comes to attracting qualified tenants, nothing is more important  than great photos and multimedia. As such, we are laser focused on bringing out the beautiful in each and everyone of the properties which we represent for our landlord clients.

Backed by Data

It is critical when trying to lease a property to know whether or not you are attracting interest. When listing with ReLISTO, landlords can be assured we are managing the leasing process methodically, using data to ensure properties are successfully leased. As such, we know how many people are looking at each apartment in our portfolio, how long they are spending on it and if the property is being shared.  Great photos result in more interest, and this fact is further reinforced by these statics: 

  • Listings with videos receive 403% more inquiries than those that don’t
  • Viewers are 85% more likely to purchase when they’ve watched a product video
  • According to Forbes, 59% of executives would rather watch video than read text

ReLISTO’s Focus

Our focus is highlighting the key features that prospective residents are seeking in their next rental home. Today’s tenants are looking for  spacious living spaces,  specific features, outdoor areas, and great neighborhoods.  

SPACIOUS SPACES. Tenants want to see the full room when reviewing photos. ½ room shots only serve to make the room look small and attractive.  We shoot the full room to ensure prospects understand the space and its size. 

PROPER LIGHTING. Most tenants want well lit apartments, the exception may be those who work night shifts like nurses/doctors. It’s critical for lights to be turned on, windows open and natural light to shine in!

FEATURES.  Every property is special and it’s the job of the leasing agent/property manager to ensure what is special about your property is highlighted and featured. It could be the quartz kitchen island, large closets, big windows, tall ceilings, kitchen appliances, air conditioning.  Whatever it is, it needs to be beautifully captured and shared with prospects. 

WINDOW SHOTS. Windows are not only to allow light in but for folks to enjoy the views. So many of our properties have lovely views and we make it a point to share this with each prospective tenant

NEIGHBORHOODS. We attract a lot of tenants from outside the city who may be moving to the San Francisco Bay Area. As such, visually communicating the neighborhood, its features and why it’s a place someone would want to live near. 

At ReLISTO, we want to do things right for our clients. We take professional grade photos of our landlord’s rental properties because we know it attracts great tenants. Contact us today to see how our team can help your property lease fast to quality tenants.