Best Virtual Property Tours in the Bay Area and How it Helps Find Quality Tenants

Best Virtual Property Tours in the Bay Area and How it Helps Find Quality Tenants

Landlords Choose ReLISTO Agents Because We Do It Right

Prospective tenants in the San Francisco Bay Area market overwhelmingly use computers or mobile devices to find their next rental property.  This has been the case for many years and it’s a trend that is unlikely to change.  What has changed, in part due to the pandemic,  is the desire for increased information and how this translates into properties renting more quickly.   Prospective renters want a clear understanding of the property, its features and how its rooms are configured, and the general layout. If they can confidently achieve this during their online search, they will focus near exclusively on these properties, which benefits the owner.

At ReLISTO we have appreciated this phenomenon for a while. In fact, our youtube channel has over 1000 videos!   We do this because we represent landlords, and one of the best ways to rent our landlords’ properties quickly and at the best price is in part by having a video walk-through.

Key Ingredients

Whether the property tour video is for tenants who are moving to San Francisco from elsewhere or because they are limiting their exposure to others due to the pandemic, there are a few key ingredients to a good property tour video.   

    1. Accuracy. It’s important for the video to be true to the property and accurately communicate its layout. Starting at the street and walking completely through the property is important to provide a solid understanding for the prospect.
    2. Under 3 min. Keep each video between 1-3 min long.  Anything longer and you start losing interest. This is enough time to get through most apartments and rental homes.
    3. Focus on Tour.  Jump right into the tour. Prospects are looking at a lot of properties, and want to see the property. Save any narration which does not include walking/viewing till the end.
    4. Narration. We will narrate certain videos, but do it on a case-by-case basis. The advantage is you can build up the apartment and call out certain features which may not be obvious, such as double pane windows. The disadvantage is videos are longer and you may lose viewer interest.
    5. Editing. We strongly believe videos should be true to the property. This being said, video equipment may not capture the full light of a room or it will capture a pile of debris from the prior tenant which may need to still be removed. In these cases, editing is called for.
    6. Neighborhood. Adding scenes of the neighborhood to the end of the video can also be advantageous for the owner as it further communicates an understanding of the property.

Our Video Services

Close to every one of our property listings features a virtual tour on the property.  As we represent some of the nicest properties in San Francisco, there is a lot of reasons why prospects are endeared to each one when viewing our videos. This in turn translates to securing qualified tenants for our landlord clients at solid market rates.    

Learn more about how we attract tenants, and the video services we offer to our landlords. Virtual tours are one of the many ways that we stay proactive, engaged, and prepared for our landlord clients. Contact an agent today to discuss how we can make your home stand out online and maximize your return.