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We’ve updated our site, and made it more convenient for tenants searching for a great place to rent in San Francisco! 

ReLISTO is committed to serving  our landlords to maximize the exposure of their property.

With our new and updated website features,  ReLISTO  is ready to help landlords get their  properties leased. From online services, to accomplished leasing agents, we have the tools to assist you in any way we can. In addition, we’ve also upped our property management game.

Lets us manage your property! Make your life a little easier by allowing us to help you with everything property related. Our experienced property managers are here for you.

Notable Differences On WebSIte:

  • A clean, updated look


  • Open House information in the thumbnail of each listing, so you don’t even have to click the link to see when you can come see a unit!

  • Open House pop ups on the front page so you don’t miss out!


Come check out our new site, and see some of the homes we have to offer. And check out our newly added Property Management section! We have services for apartment seekers and property owners, alike.





We may look different, but we’re still offering the same reliable service. 

ReLISTO (Real Estate Leasing Innovations, Services and Tools Online) is a San Francisco real estate leasing brokerage that leverages technology to better lease real property, place tenants, and support landlord’s with online tools and services.

Pacific Avenue is the Hottest Place to Live

Pacific Height elegance, take a look at all it has to offer


The Building:

This apartment building is everything you could possibly want while living in one of the most prestigious areas of  San Francisco Bay.  It’s features and amenities are at the top of everyone’s must have list, and include a spacious car port to allow for drive up entry to the front door where  24 hour door staff is there to greet you as you enter . 

This building is the definition of elegant. From the moment you enter the main lobby, you are transported into another world. The lobby is clean and well kept, packages are saved for your return and there’s always a friendly desk clerk waiting to greet you whenever you pass by.

This 12 level building has a stellar rooftop, heated pool and deck area with  360 degree view of San Francisco Bay. There’s nothing better than going for a nice, relaxing swim on a warm afternoon, and then getting out of the water to see the gorgeous San Francisco skyline from all angles.

The Apartments:

At this point you may be thinking “Wow, this building is great!, but how are the actual apartments?” Well, to put it frankly, the apartments are… stunning! They’re clean, well kept, and very spacious. This one (Pictured) even has a mini golf course right in the backyard! Many of the units facing the bay are two levels. In addition, most of them have at least one private balcony to enjoy the views.

This gorgeous apartment is 1150 square feet of pure bliss. It’s roomy, elegant, and best of all, it comes fully furnished. You could move in immediately and not have to do a single thing. It has one bedroom, one and a half bathrooms, a modern kitchen, a stylish living area, and a spacious backyard.

Here are the furnished amenities featured in this unit:


If you’re interested in seeing this amazing apartment in person, check it out on our website and schedule a showing! And if you want to see more of our listings, follow us on social media:  

ReLISTO announces new property management services


October 23, 2018 – ReLISTO has officially launched its new division of residential and commercial Property Management for Northern California, encompassing San Francisco, North Bay, South Bay, and Peninsula areas.

While ReLISTO has historically offered full service Property Management to its portfolio of leasing clients.  The new focus will be on providing that same service and commitment to quality and value to a wider range of real estate owners, investors and investment companies.

With over 30 years combined experience in real estate in San Francisco, ReLISTO Property Management is looking to fill the void left between legacy paper based Management companies and the newest entrants that focus more on efficiency rather than a full and personalized service which is so important in real estate transactions.

ReLISTO Property Management offers a complete service in real estate asset management, leasing, and asset preservation.  With a sharp understanding of the relationship between all parties in the transaction, ReLISTO Property Management aims to provide a service which is tailored for each and every individual client.

Additional management services that will be provided include:

  • Maximizing rental returns,
  • Handling lease turnover
  • Security deposit management and calculators
  • Relocation services for SMEs and Enterprise companies
  • Online rent pay and funds disbursement, as well as online maintenance requests
  • HOA management and administration


ReLISTO Property Management is simplifying the process by which assets are managed, enhancing yields and adding value to Owners’ portfolios.




About ReLISTO Property Management

ReLISTO is a full service property management division offering a full range of services to both residential, condominium and commercial clients.  The Company is well represented across multiple asset classes both locally and regionally. Our diverse portfolio consists of modern residential properties, industrial business space and condominiums throughout San Francisco and Northern California. A subsidiary of ReLISTO, a local leader in the real estate industry focusing on the leasing of quality accommodation and real estate asset management (                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               


ReLISTO (Real Estate Leasing Innovations, Services and Tools Online) is a San Francisco real estate leasing brokerage that leverages technology to better lease real property, place tenants, and support landlord’s with online tools and services.

Founded in 2010, we have been consistently on the leading edge of the rental market in San Francisco. Our focus includes providing our landlord clients experienced agents, solid returns on their investments, securing qualified tenants, developing more housing options for residents, embracing the best online marketing resources and creating online tools, such as the SF Rental Calculator to help our landlords and tenants with rent increase and security deposits.


                                                                                                                                                            For further information, please contact:

Mr. C. J. Corman

Director – ReLISTO Property Management

Tel: (415) 480-4541







Why You Should Vote NO on Prop. 10

Voting Season is Right Around the Corner; Let’s Take a Minute to Learn About Prop. 10

Right now, the state of California is in the midst of a housing crisis. This is causing current housing units to become less affordable and less available everyday. With this problem getting worse, one may ask how California citizens can help steer California away from this crisis. The answer? By voting NO on Proposition 10 on the November ballot.

What is Prop 10?

According to the California Attorney General and BallotPedia, Proposition 10 is an initiated state statute that would repeal the Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act, an act that limits the use of rent control in California, thus allowing local governments to adopt their own, possibly more extreme rent control ordinances—regulations that govern how much landlords can charge tenants for renting apartments and houses.

Why Is This Bad?

Proposition 10 will cause the amount of available housing to decrease, further plunging California into its existing housing crisis. This is a huge threat to low-income families. They will struggle to find housing that they can easily afford. This will cause California’s rate of homeless occupants to grow.

Let’s take a step back. You may be wondering at this point, “How will Prop. 10 do all of these things?” If the government repeals Costa-Hawkins, then each jurisdiction in California will be allowed to set their own rules and regulations regarding rent control. This will make it acceptable for government officials in each area to set what they believe is the best solution for the housing crisis, but just because one group of people believe that they have the best solution, that doesn’t mean that it is the best solution, and this could cause tension between citizens and officials in each area of California.

By leaving these decisions up to the state government, it is assuring that each jurisdiction is held to the same standards, thus maintaining equality for renters all over the state. By keeping Costa-Hawkins in tact, it maintains an equal playing field for everyone involved, including renters, building owners, and government officials. Keeping Costa-Hawkins means that there will be one statewide jurisdiction regarding rent control. Individual counties will not be able to take advantage of the rent control  system and create unfair housing situations for others.

How Can You Help?

Voting “no” on Prop. 10 would be a great place to start. By voting “no” on Prop. 10, you are telling the government that you do not support Costa-Hawkins repealed. To put it in simpler terms, you are telling the government that you don’t want each jurisdiction to set their own laws regarding rent control. You are saying that you want there to be one, statewide law. This way, no one area can put it’s citizens in an unfavorable financial situation. By doing so, you’re assuring that California remains equal for all, and that no one will be taken advantage of.

For more information about Proposition 10, and all of the other propositions on this year’s ballot, we encourage you to read the Official Voter Information Guide. Remember to stay informed, and get out there and vote!

Housing Rental Prices Plummeting In San Francisco? Story of The Arden

Luxury rental housing in San Francisco has been historically priced between $4.70 – $6.00 sqft depending on the particular building and unit. Advertised prices are usually higher. For instance, 2 bedroom rents at the Jasper, a new luxury building in San Francisco are as high as $6.17 sqft. By comparison, brand new condominiums at the Arden by Bosa, are being priced for as low as $3.57 sqft!

For a luxury condominium, Arden rents are super low and have both owners and agents scratching heads. Granted we as professional leasing agents are seeing some downward pressure on rents throughout the city, but not as much as we see at the Arden- A local phenomenon? We think so. This post reviews some of the features and amenities at the brand new Arden by Bosa and then we offer some “on the ground“ speculation as to why we think rents are taking such a hit.

Features and services being offered at the Arden By Bosa:
In Unit
• Tall Ceilings
• Double Pane Windows
• Hardwood Floors with Plush Carpeting in Bedrooms
• Full-Size  Washer and Dryer
• Walk-in Closets
• Energy-Efficient Heating and Air Conditioning
• Pre-Wired with USB Port and Fiber Optic Cable
• Private Tiled Balconies or Terraces
• Caesarstone Kitchen Countertops with Mosaic Tile Backsplash
• Thermador Applicances

Rents at the Arden are as low as $3.57 compared to historic prices of $4.70 to $6.50 sqft

• Sleek Modern Cabinetry
• Designer Grohe Faucets and Fixtures


In Building:
• Two Designer Lobbies with Attendants
• Hotel-Inspired Fireside Lounge
• 75′ Rooftop Lap Pool and Spa
• Double-Height Fitness Studio with His and Her Changing Rooms
• Expansive Outdoor Wood Deck with Views of the City
• Social Lounge with Entertaining Kitchen and Billiards
• Beautifully Landscaped 5th Floor Terrace
• Open-Air Grilling and Dining Area
• Outdoor Fireplace Gathering Area
• Luxurious Library Lounge
• Gated Resident Parking
• Electric Car Charging Stations
• Resident Workshop
• Pet Wash and Grooming Area
• WiFi and USB Ports Throughout all Amenity Areas
• Controlled Building, Amenity and Elevator Access
• Onsite Storage for Each Residence

Why Such Low Rental Rates at the Arden By Bosa? Such low rent rates at this property are in part due to the following:
• Great deal of rental inventory on market- New buildings are  creating  a short term surplus of units.
• Surrounding the Arden is still a construction zone
o Fence around children’s park- Entry not allowed
o Dog run and park still only dirt.
o Construction materials around building
• Workers in building still fixing and repairing
• Supermarket (Safeway) which is approx. 3 blocks away the closet store.
• Google Maps and Walk Score contain inaccuracies with regard to specific area
Unit 800 The Arden
Will this last? No! Prudent renters who are seeking a superior property in an area of the city filled with parks, public walkways, stores and restaurants but close to transportation will jump at this opportunity. Construction will end soon and parks will be opening shortly.

ReLISTO has over 10 properties currently for rent at the Arden. We have already rented a good deal of inventory at this location and have been very successful in achieving very competitive rents for both Tenant and Landlord in a large part due to our wide reaching marketing campaign for the Arden as well as our very attractive incentives being offered for this property. See all of our units at the Arden including floor plans, videos and virtual tours by going to ReLISTO Team Arden Page.  Call one of our agents to ask about our move in specials.

ReLISTO is a licensed Real Estate Brokerage, specializing in the renting and leasing of apartments, condominiums, homes, lofts and executive furnished rentals. We have one of the largest inventories of rental housing in San Francisco. Contact our offices at 415-236-6116 to lease or list a property!



Lottery Results In!

The Lottery results for Stevenson lofts are posted below. ReLISTO starting at the top of the list will be contacting 10 winners at a time. 100 of 356 tickets were pulled for the apartments at Stevenson Lofts. Once called each applicant has multiple days to submit application and qualify. If your number does not appear on the final lottery list, it means you were not selected.

As of 2-20-16 only the first 10 have been called.

Click Here: Stevensons Lofts BMR Final Rank Lottery Results 2-1-16

Using SF Rental Calculator for 34 Year Tenancy posted an article about artist David Brenkus a tenant who was recently evicted from a 34 year residency at 53 Walter Street by Dr. Paras Harshawat and his wife Roopam. David was paying $735/month for the last 34 years and seemingly had never received a rent increase.

Calculating Rent Increases in SF can be challenging for both tenants and owners alike so its not surprising that 34 years went by without one. To raise rent in SF a landlord must accurately, to the penny calculate the allowed annual percentage, use the proper anniversary date and account for all Banked increase amounts to name just a few variables. Any mistakes can be risky since the Rent Board can reverse the whole rent increase if any part of the calculation is incorrect. Luckily now there is a tool for both tenants and landlords to make these calculations easy. In addition to allowable rent increases the SF Rental Calculator will calculate security deposit increases and rent board fees.

Using the situation at 53 Walter Street* San Francisco Ca we used the SF Rental Calculator to calculate 1) Allowable Rent 2) Security Deposit Interest and 3) Rent Board Fee Reimbursements

  • If Dr. Paras Harshawat and his wife Roopam had decided to legally raise Davids rent as of February 1, 2016, what could they had raised it to?
  • Based on a January 1, 1982 tenancy start, rent could have been raised 82.4% to $1,354.59 on Feb 1, 2016. 735 RENT

  • David upon leaving the apartment should have received interest on the security deposit money he had given to his landlord.
  • Assuming security was also $735 and Move In was January 1, 1982, David was eligible for a $880.53 reimbursement from the owner.
    board fee

  • Dr. Paras Harshawat and his wife Roopam should have also received from David reimbursement for Rent Board Fees
  • Assuming Move In was January 1, 1982, Dr Paras Harshawat and his wife Roopam were eligible for a $259.50 reimbursement from David
    board fee

    The SF Rental Calculators were created for landlords, tenants and property managers to freely and easily use, increasing transparency in what can be a very cumbersome process and set of calculations. The SF Rental Calculators are regularly updated and checked for accuracy.

    *Please note that not all the variables for the situation at 53 Walter were fully known and as such some assumptions were made to have the ability to make calculations.

    San Francisco Allowable Rent Increase For 2016 is 1.6%

    San Francisco Allowable Rent Increase For 2016 is 1.6%

    This Year’s Annual Allowable Increase for San Francisco Rent Controlled Units:

    The annual allowable increase amount effective March 1, 2016 through February 28, 2017 is 1.6 %. The annual allowable increase amount effective March 1, 2015 through February 29, 2016 is 1.9 %.

    To Calculate Rent Increases In San Francisco, Use ReLISTO Rental Calculator. Calculator is specifically designed for San Francisco Landlords and Tenants. Bank increases, partial rent increases, and shifting anniversary dates are easily managed. Best of all its a free tool for Landlords, Property Managers and Tenants to Use.

    March 1,2016 February 28, 2017 1.6%
    March 1,2015 February 29, 2016 1.9%
    March 1,2014 February 28, 2015 1.0%
    March 1,2013 February 28, 2014 1.9%
    March 1,2012 February 29, 2013 0.5%

    Come Out and Celebrate the Successful Launch of Stevenson Lofts With Us!

    Join us in celebrating the successful launch of Stevenson Lofts! Stevenson Lofts is a brand new 60-loft building in the center of the Mid-Market tech hub. Each unit has over-sized windows and a signature ladder or spiral staircase creating an urban and open feel while maximizing the space. They also have high-efficiency stackable LG washers and dryers and are wired for WebPass. Our tenants can take advantage of the serene bamboo courtyard and panoramic City views from the roof deck, as well as the conveniences of Scoot, ZipCar, and Laundry Locker.

    We are excited to announce that after months of hard work and the dedication of the owners, building crew, property managers, and ourselves (ReLISTO) we have successfully opened and quickly rented the market rate lofts. We will be celebrating with our new tenants, community partners, and neighbors on Thursday, February 18th from 5:30pm to 7:30pm. We are honored to have District 6 Supervisor Jane Kim join us along with some other special guests to speak about all of the exciting changes happening in the neighborhood and about the building itself. We will also be offering tours of the building and select units for those new to the property. There will be drinks and snacks so come toast with us to everyone for a job well done. We hope to see you there!

    DATE:  Thursday, February 18, 2016

    TIME:  5:30pm – 7:30pm

    LOCATION:  Stevenson Lofts – 529 Stevenson Street, San Francisco, CA 94103


              5:30pm – 6:00pm:  Vendor Tables (See list below) and Entertainment

              6:00pm – 6:30pm:  Speakers (See list below)

              6:30pm – 7:30pm:  Vendor Tables and Entertainment


    • District 6 Supervisor Jane Kim
    • Developer Henry Wong
    • Stephanie Gordon, President of Gordon Property Management
    • Eric Baird, CEO of ReLISTO


    • Bannerman Security
    • Gordon Property Management
    • Laundry Locker
    • Omni Storage
    • ReLISTO
    • Scoot
    • WebPass
    • ZipCar

    INVITATION:  Click here to view the invitation and RSVP if you would like to join us.

    “Upgraded Appliances” What does this mean?

    In San Francisco most renters ideally want an apartment with an open social kitchen. A kitchen where friends and family can be entertained and enjoy each others company. As such large attractive and upgraded kitchens extending into another room are in huge demand and will secure higher rents or occupancy rates. Great appliances play an important role in this kitchen.

    So what is upgraded? When are your seemingly great appliances out of style? In San Francisco, rental housing can be either brand new or comprised of older, historic Edwardian or Victorian charmers. In these older homes ranges can be as old as the house! When communicating with both landlords and tenants we typically utilize a 10 year window to define upgraded. Of course it just about the age since higher quality appliances tend to maintain their style for longer periods of time. For example look at the two Wolf Stoves in the photo associated with this posting. The 2015 version has a lower profile but besides this its an indistinguishable difference.

    Fun Facts:

    • 5 years- Number of years ovens in rental homes are depreciated
    • 10-15 years- Number of years most ovens will last. See article
    • Most appliance companies do not refer to the year a particular unit was manufactured.  Just try to look up “10 year old Viking Stove”.