Hacker Homes- A Growing Trend..

Hacker Homes- A Growing Trend..

Rents too high?  Not enough properties on the market?  Cannot justify spending hard won funding  on  separate living and working spaces?  Want to keep your development team in one location?  These are some of the real challenges that up and coming entrepreneurs encounter when trying to move their team to San Francisco in an affordable manner.

To solve this dilemma, entrepreneurial disruptive thinkers think outside the box and find housing to move their whole team into. They encourage collaboration by selecting housing where they can put at least two people in each bedroom.  They select  housing that has an open social environment so team members can interact and comfortably work. They select housing  in which food can be cooked on site saving time and keeping the team together.


Here is one of the comments we received regarding one of our properties and a 10 person team who was enrolled in an  accelerator program.

“Cohabitating was great this summer. Having 2 beds in each room worked out very well, also the nature of what we were doing revolved around working 17 hour days and being together 24/7 — I guess that helped too. ”

ReLISTO specializes in acquiring contracts with local landlords to make their properties available for large groups. Not all of these properties are advertised. If you are interested in finding out more or to find a rental for your team, contact us directly at housing@relisto.com or call our number at 415-236-6116 and follow the menu