San Francisco Rent Board Fee Amounts Current and Historic

San Francisco Rent Board Fee Amounts Current and Historic

Allowable Rent Board Fees For San Francisco – For 2015 Landlord May Collect $18.50 From Tenant

November 2015- Landlord May Collect $18.50 From Tenant

Total San Francisco Rent Board Fee for the 2016-17 Tax year is $37.00.  Chapter 37A of the San Francisco Administrative Code allows the City to collect a per-unit fee for each residential dwelling unit that is subject to the Rent Ordinance. This fee funds the cost of operating the Rent Board. Fee is billed to the landlord each year on the property tax statement. The law permits landlord to collect a portion of the Rent Board fee from those tenants in occupancy as of November 1st of each year. A landlord is allowed to collect 50% of the cost of the fee from the tenant. if you have not collected rent Board fees in the past, you can collect back to 1999.

ReLISTO provide both landlords and tenants a easy to use calculator which makes calculating the rent board fee and security deposit interest a snap. Use the links in the table to visit.



Date Range Due Date Payable Board Fee Calculator
2015-2016 $18.50 Nov 1, 2015 Calculate
2014-2015 $18.00 Nov 1, 2014 Calculate
2013-2014 $14.50 Nov 1, 2013 Calculate
2012-2013 $14.50 Nov 1, 2012 Calculate
2011-2012 $14.50 Nov 1, 2011 Calculate
2010-2011 $14.50 Nov 1, 2010 Calculate
2009-2010 $14.50 Nov 1, 2009 Calculate
2008-2009 $14.50 Nov 1, 2008 Calculate
2007-2008 $13.00 Nov 1, 2007 Calculate
2006-2007 $11.00 Nov 1, 2006 Calculate
2005-2006 $10.00 Nov 1, 2005 Calculate
2004-2005 $11.00 Nov 1, 2004 Calculate
2003-2004 $21.50 Nov 1, 2003 Calculate
2002-2003 $21.50 Nov 1, 2002 Calculate
2001-2002 $16.00 Nov 1, 2001 Calculate
2000-2001 $16.00 Nov 1, 2000 Calculate
1999-2000 $16.00 Nov 1, 1999 Calculate




Certain dwelling units are exempt from the Rent Board fee, including owner-occupied units where no tenants also reside with the owner in the unit. Units where the rent is controlled or regulated by a government agency, including Section 8 certificate and voucher programs administered by the San Francisco Housing Authority, are also exempt from payment of the fee. Refer to Section 37A.1 of the Administrative Code for a complete list of exemptions. Chapter 37A is available for review at the Rent Board’s office. It can also be found on our website at

Landlords may “bank” the Rent Board fee since November 1999 and collect it in a later year. This means that a landlord does not have to collect the fee in the year that it was due, but is entitled to collect the Rent Board fee in later years if they so desire. Banking only applies to fees assessed from November 1999 on. A list of prior Rent Board fees since 1999 is available at the Rent Board’s office and on our website at

Section 37A.6 of the Administrative Code allows the landlord to recover 50% of the Rent Board fee from the tenant by deducting it from the security deposit interest payment due to the tenant each year. If there is no security deposit held by the landlord, then the landlord may bill the tenant directly. Landlords who pay the security deposit interest annually may bill for the Rent Board fee separately rather than deducting it from the interest payment owed.

The billing statement must specifically state the fee amount owed by the tenant for each year and the amount, if any, of security deposit interest due the tenant for each year owing. The bill should also state that the purpose of the fee is to fund the Rent Board, and that the fee is due and payable within 30 days of the date of the bill. Use ReLISTO’s Calculator to print out this  summary!