Move Out Inspections – How ReLISTO Stays Proactive

Move Out Inspections – How ReLISTO Stays Proactive

Minimizing Vacancies – The Importance of Getting Properties Back on the Market Fast for Our Landlords

The Use of Move Out Inspections

ReLISTO’s pre-move-out inspections ensure our landlords’ properties are returned to their move-in condition as soon as possible. Pre-move-out inspections are crucial for minimizing vacancy time between tenants.

Eric Baird, Managing Director, and CJ Corman, Director of Property Management discuss ReLISTO’s move-out inspections in the video below. We want to find out what we need to do to return the property to its original condition before the tenant moves out. We do this so we can turn the property around within a week and get it back on the market fast.

Some items we look for during these inspections include touch-up paint and cleaning. This is so we can get the property owner an estimate and start scheduling a crew as soon as possible. We begin repairs immediately when we gain possession of the unit.

With these inspections, our top priority is maximizing the landlords’ investment. However, this does also help tenants in ensuring they receive their full security deposit back.

Our move-out inspections are just one way that our team acts proactively for our landlords. Learn more about our full-service property management to ensure you get the best value and shortest vacancy on your property.