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Eric Baird of ReLISTO previously worked as a firefighter and registered nurse.  Wishing to do more, he helped dramatically improve patient care by introducing software information systems into our nation’s emergency departments.

Eric Baird’s passion to help others and his history in real estate led him to start ReLISTO. He created this leasing brokerage to help landlords and tenants better rent properties in the San Francisco Bay Area.  ReLISTO has achieved tremendous success for their landlords and has opened up more housing opportunities for tenants.

ReLISTO has many more good things in the pipeline for their landlords and tenants. Eric, on behalf of ReLISTO, looks forward to continue delivering industry improvements and a  high level of service to the San Francisco Bay Area. Please feel free to drop Eric Baird a line, he is always interested in hearing from both clients and customers.

Eric Baird and the ReLISTO Team exceed expectations. They delivered an excellent Tenant meeting my unusual requirements and continue to offer a pipeline of well qualified high end Tenants working with my ever changing needs. They are absolute professionals who add immense value through their unique approach to service excellence.

Eric Baird and Joseph have been fabulous to work with! They found us wonderful tenants, and they filled our vacancies expeditiously. Even more impressive - they did all this during an exceptionally challenging time in the rental market. Excellent communication and marketing. Trustworthy advice. Great experience overall - highly recommended!

Liz L.


Eric Baird and the team at ReLISTO have really come through for me in the past renting out multiple properties for me. The do comps for my information so I know that I am in the right ballpark on pricing and amenities. All my tenants are super happy with their experience when they move in. Thanks ReLISTO team, you make it seamless.

Mike M.


I think these guys are pros. Incredible agents and so professional with such integrity. We worked w Eric Baird.

Adrienne A.


We worked with Eric Baird to lease a studio apartment in Hayes Valley. We couldn't have been happier with the result. Eric was able to locate a top quality tenant and achieve a rent that was actually a couple of hundred dollars higher than we ourselves were contemplating marketing the apartment for. I strongly recommend Eric if you are looking for help in marketing an apartment in San Francisco.

Darryn B.


I had a terrific experience when I engaged Relisto to rent a high-end single family house for me. It was in the depths of the COVID-induced rental slump (Jan 2021) and they found a great tenant in less than 2 weeks at a pre-pandemic rate. Jackie and Eric were laser focused marketing and showing my property (in-person and virtually). They were thorough and methodical in vetting the tenants and, as this was a newly renovated house, they were mindful of finding someone who would keep it in top condition. They treated the tenants with respect which assured that my relationship with them got off on the right foot. This was my first time as a landlord, so Eric and Jackie spent a great deal of time going through the ins and outs of being a landlord in SF - from whether to allow pets to rent control to responsibility for utilities. They kept me well informed during the process and were all over this - nothing fell through the cracks. After the tenants moved in, they checked in with me to make sure everything was going smoothly. Thank you Jackie and Eric!

Art W.

I had a great experience using Eric and ReLISTO to find a tenant for my downstairs flat. I was reluctant to rent given the fact I live upstairs and had concerns about what kind of tenants were below me.

Eric listened closely to my concerns, asked questions, and set out to find me tenants. He must have taken 20 or 30 prospects through the property, called frequently to report results of the walk-throughs, and advised on asking price adjustments his experience and high tech research suggested I needed to make.

It took a couple of months but I have kind, respectful tenants at a rental rate I'm happy with.

Eric is a smart, insightful, experienced agent who I felt truly had my best interests driving his efforts. I found it hard to believe how much time he spent directly with me, let alone what was going on that I didn't know about. He saved me countless hours dealing with people, trying to figure it out, and is well worth his fee.

John M.

I used Eric for help renting my apartment. He did a good job finding me tenants but in addition to this, I ran into a jam with a tenant/owner situation and Eric went above and beyond to help me resolve the situation. I would definitely recommend working with ReListo... they did an excellent job. Thanks again, Eric!!!

Jonathan B.

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