Hands On Leasing in San Francisco to Secure Top Rents

Hands On Leasing in San Francisco to Secure Top Rents

ReLISTO focuses on hands-on leasing in San Francisco. We bring the most value out of every property we lease. That’s why when taking on a listing, we do a complete review of the property. This way, we can make recommendations on what a landlord could do to increase their rent or to better attract residents. We focus on low-hanging fruit, but if an owner is willing, we are happy to recommend sophisticated solutions as well.

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In this piece, Eric Baird, the co-founder of ReLISTO, was visiting 3 bedroom property in the Marina District in San Francisco. Eric immediately noticed that the screen door was broken, and notified the owner who was not able to attend. With our owner’s permission,  Eric spent the time to perform the physical labor to remove the door and put it into the garage until the owner had a chance to properly fix it.  

Well-qualified tenants viewed the property on the next showing and decided to rent the property. These tenants have since moved in, showing that Eric’s efforts paid off!

Our goal is to highlight the beauty in each and every one of the properties we lease or manage. This is better for the landlord, the property, and makes for very happy residents. 

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