How ReLISTO Protects Landlords From Break-Ins in the City

How ReLISTO Protects Landlords From Break-Ins in the City

Sadly San Francisco Property owners and tenants alike are  increasingly suffering from break-ins and thefts. Our team is aware of this problem, and proactive in taking steps to protect our landlords from break-ins.

Garage break ins are frequent.  For these type of break ins,  the thief  will use a drilling method through the garage door to break into the garage. This works by drilling a hole in the door, passing a wire through to pull the quick release latch, then opening the garage door and allowing the trespasser access to the home.

Drill Method

In the video below, Eric Baird, ReLISTO’s Managing Director, shows how our team protects against this type of break-in. The first thing we make sure to do is to remove the quick-release rope. This easy step prevents this type of break-in and keeps our landlords’ properties safe. Next, we zip tie the latch, so the trespasser is unable to pull down on this with the wire. We use zip ties since they can be easily removed in case of an emergency, and they don’t prevent the door from opening and closing properly.

At ReLISTO, we pride ourselves on being proactive in protecting our landlords from break-ins and keeping their properties protected and in great condition. This is just one of the many ways we take extra steps to ensure our landlords are receiving top-notch service. Learn more about our property management, and how our agents can protect your property.