Positivity- Unlocking the Potential of Your Investment

At ReLISTO, we understand that your property is more than just a piece of real estate; it’s a valuable investment. Our team is dedicated to maximizing the potential of your assets, aligning our services with your goals, and taking a proactive approach to growth.

One of the key elements of our success is our commitment to positive thinking and constructive communication. We’ve cultivated a comprehensive list of language transformations that our teams are trained and coached on so they may effectively employ them in their day-to-day interactions with landlords, residents, and vendor partners. By carefully selecting words that reflect opportunities rather than challenges, we ensure that our mindset is aligned with solution-driven strategies, from representing a property’s unique character to handling tenant relations and maintenance.

Here’s a glimpse of how we transform our language to reflect our mindset:

  • Instead of calling a property “cheap,” we highlight its “affordability.”
  • We don’t see spaces as “cramped;” we see them as “efficient.”
  • When addressing maintenance, we don’t talk about “fixing;” we focus on “improving.”
  • A “problematic tenant” becomes a “challenging situation” that we’re prepared to handle.
  • Rather than worrying about “declining value,” we identify the “opportunity for enhancement.”

At ReLISTO, we’re not hired just to maintain your property; we’re here to elevate it. Our positive approach extends from our communication with you to our interaction with tenants and our management of every detail. If you’re ready to discover how we can contribute to your investment, let’s schedule a time to discuss our leasing and management services designed for success.

Environmentally Friendly Leasing and Property Management

ReLISTO has a new car! Residential leasing and property management requires quite a lot of travel, so you may have seen us zipping around town or parked in your neighborhood! Our new electric 2019 Smart CQ allows us to greater flexibility and versatility to serve our clients quickly and efficiently as ever. In addition to keeping ReLISTO’s team members agile, our little electric vehicle furthers our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint. This means we provide premiere residential leasing and property management services you can feel good about.

For the last 10 years, ReLISTO has been an industry leader in the use of innovative tools and technologies to deliver residential leasing and property management services. From our nearly paperless operations to proprietary online rental calculators, ReLISTO is dedicated to leading the real estate leasing industry in serving not only clients, but also the community as a whole. ReLISTO is aligned with San Francisco’s commitment to lower greenhouse gas emissions by employing greener alternatives for our operational processes. The biggest contributor to the city’s greenhouse gas emission is privately owned passenger cars and trucks.

Because leasing agents and property managers are required to travel around the city constantly to show and maintain property, moving from internal combustion engine vehicles to electric is one of the best ways to cut the company’s carbon footprint. With 44% of San Francisco’s electrical grid running on renewable energy sources, ReLISTO’s use of electric vehicles reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions we would otherwise create by 75%! ReLISTO applauds the city’s efforts to lower transportation-related emissions and is committed to doing our part as an industry leader–providing exceptional and environmentally friendly residential leasing and property management services in order to reduce our overall environmental impact.

Floating Staircases

In San Francisco,  floating staircases generate higher rents.  As such,  ReLISTO   prices these type of rental properties higher than similar properties in the same neighborhood; We know they’re  are in high demand with our tenant customers.

Due to state code requirements, owner must build floating staircases  to specific standards. These standards prevent the  building of a “true” floating staircase since rails must be present on each side.  Rails help steady the user while ascending/descending thereby helping avoid falls.  On the downside, it counters the minimalist aesthetics and most unfortunately, at a time we all want home prices to fall, dramatically increases the cost to build.  In San Francisco, standard floating staircases will have glass on the open side.

ReLISTO helps San Francisco and Central Coast owners lease and manage their properties. We  secure qualified tenants, effectively manage each property and take  care of each resident.  We as part of our capital improvement program are happy to help our owners evaluate the benefits of converting their staircase. If right for our owner, our management team will even help manage the build as part of our standard service.