San Francisco Rent Board Fee Changes 2022

What You Need to Know as a Landlord

Avoid late fees and being sent to collections!

Paying the Rent Board Fee is something San Francisco landlords have been doing for years. It was simple. Before, the bill was included with the property tax statement and paid along with one’s taxes.  When this was the case, no additional effort was required by the landlord and the city received its money.  

However, the City has sadly decided to make the process more complicated, in turn hurting middle-class property owners.  As a result, owners are now required to pay the fee separately. If a landlord fails to do this, even if unknowingly, they will be subject to fines and sent to collections!

It’s important for landlords to stay aware of this new law and to promptly submit payment when required.   

What is the San Francisco Rent Board Fee?

The San Francisco Rent Board states that “The City collects a per-unit fee for each residential dwelling unit that is subject to the Rent Ordinance. The fee funds the cost of operating the Rent Board.”. For the 2021 – 2022 tax year, the fee is $59 per apartment unit and $29.50 per residential hotel room. View the full fee structure here.

In previous years, the fee was billed by the tax collector’s office and billed directly through the owners’ property tax statement. This year, this will be removed as a line item on the property tax statement, and instead billed directly through the Rent Board.

At ReLISTO, we understand that this may cause confusion and potential difficulties for landlords. We are prepared to help landlords through this transition and aim to be a resource for landlords during this time. We’ve put together a list of resources and quick facts about the Rent Board Fee changes, view that here.

What Do You Need to Know as a Landlord in 2022?

How Will The Fee Be Billed?

Rent Board Fee notices will be sent out through the mail starting early January along with information on how to pay. Landlords need to be looking at for this notice in the mail, as late fees will be charged for delinquent payments. 

How Can Landlords Pay?

Along with the notice, landlords will receive a registration link to the online portal where they are able to make payments. Once set up with the online portal, landlords can pay with an e-check, or through debit or credit with a small fee.

If a paper check is preferred, landlords are able to make the payment this way by either sending the check through mail, or dropping it off at the Rent Board’s San Francisco office location (25 Van Ness Ave #320).

Are Late Fees Assessed?

Fees are due by March 1st. If unpaid, late fees WILL be assessed along with the possibility to be sent to collections.

The Rent Board will add a 5% penalty to the amount of the fee if the fee has not been paid by March 1, an additional 5% if the fee has not been paid by April 1, and an additional 5% if the fee has not been paid by May 1. If the fee remains outstanding as of June 1, the Rent Board will refer the matter to the Bureau of Delinquent Revenue.” – SFRB

Timely payments and staying out of collections is so important since this can have a direct impact on your credit. Having an account in collections shows as a negative item a credit report that can have a severe impact on your score as well as your ability to apply for loans, open credit accounts, and more.

How Can Landlords Collect the Fee From Tenants?

Landlords are permitted, by Section 37A.6 of the Administrative Code to recover 50% of the Rent Board Fee from tenants.  The fee may be charged directly to the tenant or deduction from the tenants’ security deposit interest.  View our security deposit calculator to calculate the security deposit interest owed to the tenant along with the Rent Board Fee amount.

When billing the tenant, the fee must be billed on a statement that specifically states the fee amount owed by the tenant for each year, as well as any security deposit interest for each year. Tenants must pay within 30 days, however non-payment of the fee by the tenant is NOT just cause for eviction.

ReLISTO is Prepared to Help

We understand that there is a lot of uncertainty and confusion with the new fee structure, so we are available as a contact and resource to our landlords.
Above all, we want to help landlords transition smoothly to this new fee structure and set them up for success.

Quick Links

San Francisco Rent Board:

Rent Board Fee Information:

ReLISTO Rent Board Fee Resources:

Online Payment Portal:

Security Deposit Calculator:

Who Are San Francisco Landlords?  In 2003, San Francisco had one of the largest percentages of individually owned rentals in the country. This is an exception as rentals are typically owned and managed by large professional management companies.  Here is the report conducted by the city with shares some of these details. 

How ReLISTO Protects Landlords From Break-Ins in the City

Sadly San Francisco Property owners and tenants alike are  increasingly suffering from break-ins and thefts. Our team is aware of this problem, and proactive in taking steps to protect our landlords from break-ins.

Garage break ins are frequent.  For these type of break ins,  the thief  will use a drilling method through the garage door to break into the garage. This works by drilling a hole in the door, passing a wire through to pull the quick release latch, then opening the garage door and allowing the trespasser access to the home.

Drill Method

In the video below, Eric Baird, ReLISTO’s Managing Director, shows how our team protects against this type of break-in. The first thing we make sure to do is to remove the quick-release rope. This easy step prevents this type of break-in and keeps our landlords’ properties safe. Next, we zip tie the latch, so the trespasser is unable to pull down on this with the wire. We use zip ties since they can be easily removed in case of an emergency, and they don’t prevent the door from opening and closing properly.

At ReLISTO, we pride ourselves on being proactive in protecting our landlords from break-ins and keeping their properties protected and in great condition. This is just one of the many ways we take extra steps to ensure our landlords are receiving top-notch service. Learn more about our property management, and how our agents can protect your property.

Hands On Leasing in San Francisco to Secure Top Rents

ReLISTO focuses on hands-on leasing in San Francisco. We bring the most value out of every property we lease. That’s why when taking on a listing, we do a complete review of the property. This way, we can make recommendations on what a landlord could do to increase their rent or to better attract residents. We focus on low-hanging fruit, but if an owner is willing, we are happy to recommend sophisticated solutions as well.

san francisco leasing

In this piece, Eric Baird, the co-founder of ReLISTO, was visiting 3 bedroom property in the Marina District in San Francisco. Eric immediately noticed that the screen door was broken, and notified the owner who was not able to attend. With our owner’s permission,  Eric spent the time to perform the physical labor to remove the door and put it into the garage until the owner had a chance to properly fix it.  

Well-qualified tenants viewed the property on the next showing and decided to rent the property. These tenants have since moved in, showing that Eric’s efforts paid off!

Our goal is to highlight the beauty in each and every one of the properties we lease or manage. This is better for the landlord, the property, and makes for very happy residents. 

Learn more about how ReLISTO leasing can help you secure your next tenants!

Move Out Inspections – How ReLISTO Stays Proactive

Minimizing Vacancies – The Importance of Getting Properties Back on the Market Fast for Our Landlords

The Use of Move Out Inspections

ReLISTO’s pre-move-out inspections ensure our landlords’ properties are returned to their move-in condition as soon as possible. Pre-move-out inspections are crucial for minimizing vacancy time between tenants.

Eric Baird, Managing Director, and CJ Corman, Director of Property Management discuss ReLISTO’s move-out inspections in the video below. We want to find out what we need to do to return the property to its original condition before the tenant moves out. We do this so we can turn the property around within a week and get it back on the market fast.

Some items we look for during these inspections include touch-up paint and cleaning. This is so we can get the property owner an estimate and start scheduling a crew as soon as possible. We begin repairs immediately when we gain possession of the unit.

With these inspections, our top priority is maximizing the landlords’ investment. However, this does also help tenants in ensuring they receive their full security deposit back.

Our move-out inspections are just one way that our team acts proactively for our landlords. Learn more about our full-service property management to ensure you get the best value and shortest vacancy on your property.

Best Virtual Property Tours in the Bay Area and How it Helps Find Quality Tenants

Landlords Choose ReLISTO Agents Because We Do It Right

Prospective tenants in the San Francisco Bay Area market overwhelmingly use computers or mobile devices to find their next rental property.  This has been the case for many years and it’s a trend that is unlikely to change.  What has changed, in part due to the pandemic,  is the desire for increased information and how this translates into properties renting more quickly.   Prospective renters want a clear understanding of the property, its features and how its rooms are configured, and the general layout. If they can confidently achieve this during their online search, they will focus near exclusively on these properties, which benefits the owner.

At ReLISTO we have appreciated this phenomenon for a while. In fact, our youtube channel has over 1000 videos!   We do this because we represent landlords, and one of the best ways to rent our landlords’ properties quickly and at the best price is in part by having a video walk-through.

Key Ingredients

Whether the property tour video is for tenants who are moving to San Francisco from elsewhere or because they are limiting their exposure to others due to the pandemic, there are a few key ingredients to a good property tour video.   

    1. Accuracy. It’s important for the video to be true to the property and accurately communicate its layout. Starting at the street and walking completely through the property is important to provide a solid understanding for the prospect.
    2. Under 3 min. Keep each video between 1-3 min long.  Anything longer and you start losing interest. This is enough time to get through most apartments and rental homes.
    3. Focus on Tour.  Jump right into the tour. Prospects are looking at a lot of properties, and want to see the property. Save any narration which does not include walking/viewing till the end.
    4. Narration. We will narrate certain videos, but do it on a case-by-case basis. The advantage is you can build up the apartment and call out certain features which may not be obvious, such as double pane windows. The disadvantage is videos are longer and you may lose viewer interest.
    5. Editing. We strongly believe videos should be true to the property. This being said, video equipment may not capture the full light of a room or it will capture a pile of debris from the prior tenant which may need to still be removed. In these cases, editing is called for.
    6. Neighborhood. Adding scenes of the neighborhood to the end of the video can also be advantageous for the owner as it further communicates an understanding of the property.

Our Video Services

Close to every one of our property listings features a virtual tour on the property.  As we represent some of the nicest properties in San Francisco, there is a lot of reasons why prospects are endeared to each one when viewing our videos. This in turn translates to securing qualified tenants for our landlord clients at solid market rates.    

Learn more about how we attract tenants, and the video services we offer to our landlords. Virtual tours are one of the many ways that we stay proactive, engaged, and prepared for our landlord clients. Contact an agent today to discuss how we can make your home stand out online and maximize your return.

Best Apartment Photography in the Bay Area and Why it Matters

Landlords Choose ReLISTO Agents Because We Do It Right

In today’s digital world, a property manager or owner has 3 seconds to grab a potential tenant’s attention. If successful, your potential renter will swipe right, if not you have lost that lead. Only then will they take the time to review the features, amenities, and narrative. We appreciate this new world and work very hard to make sure that each of our properties are swipe right properties. 

At ReLISTO, we are committed to do things right for our landlord clients.  When it comes to attracting qualified tenants, nothing is more important  than great photos and multimedia. As such, we are laser focused on bringing out the beautiful in each and everyone of the properties which we represent for our landlord clients.

Backed by Data

It is critical when trying to lease a property to know whether or not you are attracting interest. When listing with ReLISTO, landlords can be assured we are managing the leasing process methodically, using data to ensure properties are successfully leased. As such, we know how many people are looking at each apartment in our portfolio, how long they are spending on it and if the property is being shared.  Great photos result in more interest, and this fact is further reinforced by these statics: 

  • Listings with videos receive 403% more inquiries than those that don’t
  • Viewers are 85% more likely to purchase when they’ve watched a product video
  • According to Forbes, 59% of executives would rather watch video than read text

ReLISTO’s Focus

Our focus is highlighting the key features that prospective residents are seeking in their next rental home. Today’s tenants are looking for  spacious living spaces,  specific features, outdoor areas, and great neighborhoods.  

SPACIOUS SPACES. Tenants want to see the full room when reviewing photos. ½ room shots only serve to make the room look small and attractive.  We shoot the full room to ensure prospects understand the space and its size. 

PROPER LIGHTING. Most tenants want well lit apartments, the exception may be those who work night shifts like nurses/doctors. It’s critical for lights to be turned on, windows open and natural light to shine in!

FEATURES.  Every property is special and it’s the job of the leasing agent/property manager to ensure what is special about your property is highlighted and featured. It could be the quartz kitchen island, large closets, big windows, tall ceilings, kitchen appliances, air conditioning.  Whatever it is, it needs to be beautifully captured and shared with prospects. 

WINDOW SHOTS. Windows are not only to allow light in but for folks to enjoy the views. So many of our properties have lovely views and we make it a point to share this with each prospective tenant

NEIGHBORHOODS. We attract a lot of tenants from outside the city who may be moving to the San Francisco Bay Area. As such, visually communicating the neighborhood, its features and why it’s a place someone would want to live near. 

At ReLISTO, we want to do things right for our clients. We take professional grade photos of our landlord’s rental properties because we know it attracts great tenants. Contact us today to see how our team can help your property lease fast to quality tenants.


Find Pet-Friendly Rentals in San Francisco with ReLISTO

Pet-friendly rentals in San Francisco

At ReLISTO, we understand the importance of pets for San Francisco’s residents. In fact, many of us have lovable pets of our own! Our commitment to providing pet-friendly rentals comes in three parts:

  1. Tenants: We help prospective tenants find pet-friendly rentals in San Francisco.
  2. Landlords: We work with owners to take advantage of this pet-friendly city! We have policies and guidelines that we implement to protect our owners and keep the property safe. These policies, in turn, also ensure the safety and satisfaction of pets, pet owners, and the community. Disclaimer: Though we encourage our landlords to list their properties as pet-friendly, sometimes it isn’t possible due to health risks or other concerns. If landlords prefer not to allow pets, we make sure these policies are clear in the listing and the lease agreement.
  3. Pets: ReLISTO is on a mission to not only find homes for humans but for dogs, too!

Keep reading to learn about our pet-friendly rentals, tips for living in a rental as a pet owner, and our volunteer work with Family Dog Rescue.

Pet Culture in San Francisco

Did you know that there are more dogs in San Francisco than children?

According to a report by Air Mail, San Francisco —the city named for the patron saint of animals— is extremely dog-friendly. Dogs are welcome nearly everywhere from onsite workplaces and rideshares to fashion shows and tech events. Many residents even declare their dogs as emotional-support animals to ensure they can tag along anywhere.

Air Mail goes on to mention, “the city’s demographic is skewing younger and richer, and people are staying single for longer, having fewer children, and procuring dogs.” Dog adoption is so high, that in 2019, the San Francisco S.P.C.A. experienced a shortage of rescue dogs!

It’s safe to say, for San Francisco residents, pets are very important family members.

Our Commitment to Offering Pet-Friendly Rentals in SF

As a rental agency that specializes in urban real estate, we encourage (but never force!) landlords to list their properties as pet-friendly. Why?

Let’s look at the metrics:

  • The city’s estimated dog population ranges from 120,000 to 500,000. Compare that with only 115,000 children under 18 living in the city, according to KQED, a news media and educational organization serving Northern California!
  • About 65% of San Francisco’s households rent their place of residence; a much higher share than the region overall (45%),  according to the “San Francisco Housing Needs and Trends Report.”
  • In 2010, there was a total of  222,165 rental properties in the city or roughly 65% of the total housing stock, according to the 2010 Bay Area Census.
  • Based on the numbers above, we’ve estimated that roughly 35% of prospective tenants are pet owners in the Bay Area! Owners can increase the number of people interested in their property just by listing it as pet-friendly.

With numbers like these, pet-friendly listings are a huge plus! Our pet-friendly rental listings range from single detached homes with big yards to condos and apartments that are located near pet-friendly parks.

Check out our current pet-friendly rental properties.

Tips for Living with Pets in a Rental Property

To create harmony between tenants, pets, landlords, and our communities, we recommend following the tips below when living with a pet in a rental property:

Register Your Dog with the City:

Did you know that in San Francisco, dogs over the age of four months must, by law, be licensed? This law is largely unknown and seemingly unenforced, but landlords can require Dog Licensing in their lease agreement. This is also  true for service dogs. As a pet owner, you can now register your dog online.

Disclose Your Pet:

To build a strong partnership between you and your landlord, make sure your landlord & rental agency are aware that you have a pet. It is important to disclose the breed, weight, and age of your pet to the landlord and rental agency so they can include it in the rental agreement.

Pay Any Required Pet Deposits or Pet Rent:

Landlords may require you to pay a fee to keep your pet in their rental property. Most commonly, this can come in the form of a refundable pet deposit or a monthly charge. These fees provide liability coverage in case there are damages and cover the extra wear-and-tear that comes with a pet living in a rental property, such as on hardwood floors and carpets.

Don’t Leave Pets Alone for Over 4-6 Hours:

Dogs that are left alone for long periods of time can grow anxious, which may lead to aggressive behavior. This rule of thumb helps to avoid damages and keeps your pet healthy and happy. There are many ways to ensure your dog has proper attention:

  • Hire a dog walker, here are some recommendations:
  • Get to know your neighbors or the people in a nearby dog park! Many people are willing to share dog-walking responsibilities.
  • Ask your workplace about their pet-friendly policies. Many tech companies in SF allow you to bring your dog to work! Take a look at this list of Dog-Friendly companies in SF.
Clean Up After Your Pet:

Pets love to play, that’s what makes them so fun! However, when outside they also poop and pee. Many owners clean things up right away but some do not. This is problematic in community/shared housing, such as apartments and condos. As such, we put some “pooper scooper” rules into our contract to protect our owners and other residents. One of these rules is an agreement to a Dog DNA test. In the case that an owner is leaving excrement in public areas and not admitting to doing so, DNA testing is authorized. This isn’t anyone’s first choice, but it allows rule-abiding tenants to live in a clean space. 

Report Accidents Right Away:

Inform the rental agency or property managers of your rental right away when damages happen. This can help clear up any confusion about liability and develop trust with your rental agency and landlord.

ReLISTO’s Mission to Find Homes for Dogs

In addition to finding housing for people, ReLISTO co-founders, Eric Baird and Jackie Tom, are also committed to finding housing for pets in San Francisco!

They volunteer with Family Dog Rescue, a local San Francisco 501c3 dog rescue organization dedicated to bringing people and pets together. Learn more about their mission here.

Pet-friendly rentals in SF

Currently, ReLISTO’s co-founders are fostering Rambo (we call him Ralph, which better suits his gentle personality), a 10-year old German Shepherd who is looking for his forever family! Read what Eric & Jackie have to say about Rambo!

Contact Us

Tenants: Take a look at our pet-friendly listings or contact Family Dog Rescue to adopt a lovable pet of your own.

Landlords: If you are a landlord who is concerned about taking pets. We are happy to help, email us

Have questions for ReLISTO or want more one-on-one support? Contact us. We are passionate about finding humans AND pets a happy home!

Rambo, The Ultimate Companion Animal

Adopt a german shepherd in San Francisco

Looking to adopt a german shepherd in San Francisco? Look no further. ReLISTO is helping humans AND pets find a happy home!

In San Francisco, a city named after the patron saint of animals, pets are very important family members. The co-founders of ReLISTO, Eric Baird & Jackie Tom, recognize not only the benefits dogs bring to peoples’ long-term health, but the value of creating a happy home for pets!

They are currently fostering Rambo, a 10-year old German Shepherd with a heart of gold, with the hope that they can match him with his forever family!

Meet Rambo

german shepherd in SF

Rambo is the ultimate companion animal. We call him Ralph, which better suits his gentle personality. He is endearing, loyal, and a great adventure buddy! He follows his foster mom, Jackie, around everywhere and lovingly awaits her return after work. Here are some of his other great qualities:

  • Loves going on walks
  • Travels well in the car
  • Good around cats
  • Playful, loves balls and bones
  • Doesn’t bark at strangers

If you are looking for a loving and loyal companion, this dog is it! Whether it’s going out or having a cozy night in, Rambo is simply happy by your side! If you’re interested in adding Rambo to your loving family, contact Family Dog Rescue, a local San Francisco 501c3 dog rescue organization dedicated to bringing people and pets together.

Share This Post

Know anyone who would like to adopt a german shepherd in San Francisco? Please share this post with your friends and family in San Francisco to amplify our message and help find a home for Rambo! If you’re interested in adopting Rambo or any of the loving dogs on their website, contact Family Dog Rescue.

Are you looking for a home of your own? Take a peek at our pet-friendly listings.

To learn about pet culture in SF, our pet-friendly rentals, how our pet policies protect our landlords, and tips for living with pets in a rental property, visit our blog post here.

Welcome back to San Francisco? Strategies to excel in today’s competitive rental market.

excel in today's competitive rental market - ReLISTO

As the city starts to reopen, we get a glimpse of a post-pandemic life in San Francisco. The excitement of how things used to be can’t be ignored. It’s been 16 months now, and the quality of life that city residents once were accustomed to, seems almost foreign. Bars are now opening, restaurants extending capacity, and soon, an undetermined number of employees will be moving back to continue the life that we all cherished so much. Throughout this article, we will take a look at where we are in the market and the strategies needed to succeed over today’s competition.

The year is 2019 and you’re looking for an apartment in San Francisco, the median rent is for a one-bedroom around $3700. It’s expensive, but accepted as the cost of entry to live in one of the world’s hottest cities and your salary can afford it. After your move, a Giant’s game at Oracle Park with a slice of Tony’s pizza help you get settled and feel at home.

Fast forward to November, 2020, the beginning of winter in the pandemic. Residents have been leaving the city since spring and rents are down 30%. You’re searching for an apartment, but unsure of what kind of commitment you want to make given the current environment. Vaccines have yet to be distributed, and the majority of tech companies are having their employees working from home until Fall of 2021. The urban lifestyle has changed dramatically and with all forms of entertainment and nightlife completely shut down, San Franciscans find themselves asking “What will this city look like in the distant and not so distant future?”

Now we are living in the present, May 2021. You and most of everyone you know have been fully vaccinated and detailed debates are taking place on exactly how and when employees will be back in their offices. It feels like the city’s energy and excitement are returning which is amplified as new safety tiers are met and restrictions are lifted. As the masks come off and shuttles start commuting, we can’t help but ask ourselves; “Is San Francisco returning to where it left off?”

The median rent for a one bedroom is now $2850, and we are still about 20% away from our 2019 rental rates. Prospective tenants have gone from “seeing what’s on the market” to “ready to make a commitment” and future plans are being made to return to San Francisco. Still, some questions remain and the city’s future landscape is dependent on a number of undetermined factors.

Is this the blossoming market we’ve been waiting for? How do landlords take advantage?

No matter what business you are in, one thing has become clear through the pandemic, your ability to display and present your product online has become imperative to your success. People are more willing than ever to do business remotely. Whether it’s buying a car or renting an apartment, there are new ways to display your product accurately.

Renting apartments sight unseen is nothing new in San Francisco or any other major city, but the level of competition has made the video tour and virtual tour an essential introduction for any new listing. High-quality tenants are not drawn to poor marketing media and they are not willing to take a chance on a property that is not meeting their standard.

Strategies to help your property excel in today’s competitive rental market…

Professional marketing with both photos and video will help you get in the door, but what other strategies have been successful to secure high quality tenants through pandemic? With new safety guidelines in place for showings, how can we be sure your listing is getting the most exposure online?

There will always be multiple ways to find tenants in a city as prestigious as San Francisco, but now, finding the city’s strongest applicants requires a professional storefront and digital techniques which are trusted by the online community. Internet listing services are now charging fees for every listing and online apartment scammers are at an all-time high, so landlords are disadvantaged when trying to compete with traditional tenant search methods.

As San Francisco reopens safely and continues to have the highest vaccine rate in the country, more prospective tenants will be looking to relocate back to our beautiful city by the Bay. At this time, it’s important for landlords to be prepared and have a plan in place that ensures their success. These effective online strategies can be applied to any listing, but the experience is required when monitoring online traffic so listings can get the most exposure. If these steps seem overwhelming, there is help available for property owners looking to excel. A local leasing service should have the tools and experience needed to get your listing to the top of internet searches.

ReLISTO Leasing and Management is a leader in the industry and has spent the past year bolstering an already prominent online rental service. We’ve had success throughout the pandemic with both finding great tenants and managing San Francisco properties. We pride ourselves in helping landlords and tenants through both good times and bad. Contact us to assist you with a leasing and marketing plan that ensures you excel in today’s competitive rental market!

Joseph Johnston is a leasing consultant with ReLISTO and can be contacted at for questions or comments.

ReLISTO’s Automated Showing Schedule Serves SF Renters Amidst New Health Orders

Local Bay Area Rental Agency Showings

Along with many other local rental agencies, ReLISTO is celebrating San Francisco’s transition from Orange Tier to Yellow Tier in the revised health orders issued by the San Francisco Department of Public Health on May 4, 2021. 

Health order tiers in relation to Bay Area rentals and open houses
Diagram of California’s color-coded tier system by San Francisco Chronicle


Yellow Tier is Great News for Rental Agencies and Landlords! 

Orange Tier required Bay Area rental agencies to limit open houses to virtual tours or scheduled private tours to individuals. As a result, we accommodated these health & safety restrictions by recording virtual tours for our listed properties and scheduling multiple 15-minute private tours for prospective tenants every day. 

In Yellow Tier, tours can now be conducted in groups (by appointment only) under the conditions outlined by the San Francisco Department of Public Health in Order No. C19-07w – Appendix C-1: Additional Businesses Permitted to Operate [Revised May 6, 2021].

ReLISTO’s Commitment to Landlords

The most effective way to find a qualified tenant while securing solid rent is to provide a personalized tour of your rental property. With over 11 years of experience, we understand the value this connection brings to our owners.

With this in mind, we have created an automated open house scheduling system to streamline the scheduling process of showings for prospective tenants. In other words, our unique, proprietary software gets your property to the renters’ eyes much faster and allows our agents more time to focus on customer service.

How to Access Our Automated Showing Schedule:

Use the quick step-by-step guide as shown below:

  1. Visit our Showing Schedule and choose which listing you’d like to RSVP to.
  2. Click the green “I’d like to RSVP” button on the right of the listing. 
  3. You will see a pop-up form where you can RSVP, ask questions, and provide your contact information (Name, Email, Phone Number). 
  4. Once the fields are filled out, click the button on the bottom of the pop-up, “Send Message to ReLISTO Agent.”
  5. The ReLISTO agent assigned to the requested property will contact you to confirm the scheduled showing.

Why Work with Us?

Today, the numbers are clear; people are moving back to the city. Offices are setting dates for employees to return, and former residents are yearning for a taste of the city as it once was.

ReLISTO is seeing an incredible amount of interest for every single one of our listed properties. Our unmatched technological capabilities and responsiveness bring our website over 30,000 views every month.

With San Francisco in Yellow Tier, we are excited to level up our commitment to our landlords while continuing to stay vigilant in keeping prospective tenants safe.


We would love to rent your property. Contact us and we will reach out to set up a 1-on-1 with one of our licensed agents.

Prospective Tenants:

Visit our Showing Schedule  to RSVP to our many properties available to you now!