Welcome back to San Francisco? Strategies to excel in today’s competitive rental market.

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As the city starts to reopen, we get a glimpse of a post-pandemic life in San Francisco. The excitement of how things used to be can’t be ignored. It’s been 16 months now, and the quality of life that city residents once were accustomed to, seems almost foreign. Bars are now opening, restaurants extending capacity, and soon, an undetermined number of employees will be moving back to continue the life that we all cherished so much. Throughout this article, we will take a look at where we are in the market and the strategies needed to succeed over today’s competition.

The year is 2019 and you’re looking for an apartment in San Francisco, the median rent is for a one-bedroom around $3700. It’s expensive, but accepted as the cost of entry to live in one of the world’s hottest cities and your salary can afford it. After your move, a Giant’s game at Oracle Park with a slice of Tony’s pizza help you get settled and feel at home.

Fast forward to November, 2020, the beginning of winter in the pandemic. Residents have been leaving the city since spring and rents are down 30%. You’re searching for an apartment, but unsure of what kind of commitment you want to make given the current environment. Vaccines have yet to be distributed, and the majority of tech companies are having their employees working from home until Fall of 2021. The urban lifestyle has changed dramatically and with all forms of entertainment and nightlife completely shut down, San Franciscans find themselves asking “What will this city look like in the distant and not so distant future?”

Now we are living in the present, May 2021. You and most of everyone you know have been fully vaccinated and detailed debates are taking place on exactly how and when employees will be back in their offices. It feels like the city’s energy and excitement are returning which is amplified as new safety tiers are met and restrictions are lifted. As the masks come off and shuttles start commuting, we can’t help but ask ourselves; “Is San Francisco returning to where it left off?”

The median rent for a one bedroom is now $2850, and we are still about 20% away from our 2019 rental rates. Prospective tenants have gone from “seeing what’s on the market” to “ready to make a commitment” and future plans are being made to return to San Francisco. Still, some questions remain and the city’s future landscape is dependent on a number of undetermined factors.

Is this the blossoming market we’ve been waiting for? How do landlords take advantage?

No matter what business you are in, one thing has become clear through the pandemic, your ability to display and present your product online has become imperative to your success. People are more willing than ever to do business remotely. Whether it’s buying a car or renting an apartment, there are new ways to display your product accurately.

Renting apartments sight unseen is nothing new in San Francisco or any other major city, but the level of competition has made the video tour and virtual tour an essential introduction for any new listing. High-quality tenants are not drawn to poor marketing media and they are not willing to take a chance on a property that is not meeting their standard.

Strategies to help your property excel in today’s competitive rental market…

Professional marketing with both photos and video will help you get in the door, but what other strategies have been successful to secure high quality tenants through pandemic? With new safety guidelines in place for showings, how can we be sure your listing is getting the most exposure online?

There will always be multiple ways to find tenants in a city as prestigious as San Francisco, but now, finding the city’s strongest applicants requires a professional storefront and digital techniques which are trusted by the online community. Internet listing services are now charging fees for every listing and online apartment scammers are at an all-time high, so landlords are disadvantaged when trying to compete with traditional tenant search methods.

As San Francisco reopens safely and continues to have the highest vaccine rate in the country, more prospective tenants will be looking to relocate back to our beautiful city by the Bay. At this time, it’s important for landlords to be prepared and have a plan in place that ensures their success. These effective online strategies can be applied to any listing, but the experience is required when monitoring online traffic so listings can get the most exposure. If these steps seem overwhelming, there is help available for property owners looking to excel. A local leasing service should have the tools and experience needed to get your listing to the top of internet searches.

ReLISTO Leasing and Management is a leader in the industry and has spent the past year bolstering an already prominent online rental service. We’ve had success throughout the pandemic with both finding great tenants and managing San Francisco properties. We pride ourselves in helping landlords and tenants through both good times and bad. Contact us to assist you with a leasing and marketing plan that ensures you excel in today’s competitive rental market!

Joseph Johnston is a leasing consultant with ReLISTO and can be contacted at for questions or comments.

ReLISTO’s Automated Showing Schedule Serves SF Renters Amidst New Health Orders

Local Bay Area Rental Agency Showings

Along with many other local rental agencies, ReLISTO is celebrating San Francisco’s transition from Orange Tier to Yellow Tier in the revised health orders issued by the San Francisco Department of Public Health on May 4, 2021. 

Health order tiers in relation to Bay Area rentals and open houses
Diagram of California’s color-coded tier system by San Francisco Chronicle


Yellow Tier is Great News for Rental Agencies and Landlords! 

Orange Tier required Bay Area rental agencies to limit open houses to virtual tours or scheduled private tours to individuals. As a result, we accommodated these health & safety restrictions by recording virtual tours for our listed properties and scheduling multiple 15-minute private tours for prospective tenants every day. 

In Yellow Tier, tours can now be conducted in groups (by appointment only) under the conditions outlined by the San Francisco Department of Public Health in Order No. C19-07w – Appendix C-1: Additional Businesses Permitted to Operate [Revised May 6, 2021].

ReLISTO’s Commitment to Landlords

The most effective way to find a qualified tenant while securing solid rent is to provide a personalized tour of your rental property. With over 11 years of experience, we understand the value this connection brings to our owners.

With this in mind, we have created an automated open house scheduling system to streamline the scheduling process of showings for prospective tenants. In other words, our unique, proprietary software gets your property to the renters’ eyes much faster and allows our agents more time to focus on customer service.

How to Access Our Automated Showing Schedule:

Use the quick step-by-step guide as shown below:

  1. Visit our Showing Schedule and choose which listing you’d like to RSVP to.
  2. Click the green “I’d like to RSVP” button on the right of the listing. 
  3. You will see a pop-up form where you can RSVP, ask questions, and provide your contact information (Name, Email, Phone Number). 
  4. Once the fields are filled out, click the button on the bottom of the pop-up, “Send Message to ReLISTO Agent.”
  5. The ReLISTO agent assigned to the requested property will contact you to confirm the scheduled showing.

Why Work with Us?

Today, the numbers are clear; people are moving back to the city. Offices are setting dates for employees to return, and former residents are yearning for a taste of the city as it once was.

ReLISTO is seeing an incredible amount of interest for every single one of our listed properties. Our unmatched technological capabilities and responsiveness bring our website over 30,000 views every month.

With San Francisco in Yellow Tier, we are excited to level up our commitment to our landlords while continuing to stay vigilant in keeping prospective tenants safe.


We would love to rent your property. Contact us and we will reach out to set up a 1-on-1 with one of our licensed agents.

Prospective Tenants:

Visit our Showing Schedule  to RSVP to our many properties available to you now!

Tenants Again Pushing Pause On Return

Here is an unfortunate email we just wrote to one of our landlords. The property was a 2 bedroom 1 bathroom house in the Sunset which was slated to rent for $3800.00/month with a March 1, 2021 start date.


I hope you are doing well. I unfortunately would like to let you know that your tenants  have decided to withdraw their applications.  <Tenant > company <Amazon> just released the news that employees do not have to return to office until next year. Due to the change, they will extend their travel to different destinations.


ReLISTO has been very successful in securing tenants for our landlords clients during Covid. We conduct virtual and private tours, post videos of each property and have an amazing set of online tools allowing prospective tenants to easily view each unit. Most importantly, we pay for a lot of advertising so our landlords listing gets seen.

In the last month, tenants have been returning to the city to “get a lease secured before prices go up”.  We have rented multiple properties due to this. With recent announcement from Salesforce and other tech companies, the need to return to work is again a distant requirement. Tech workers will stay away and landlords, restaurants and businesses will need to wait longingly for their return. For some , this will result in a significant economic hardship if not bankruptcy.

On behalf of our landlords, I  call upon the San Francisco Govt to proactively engage/ partner  with the companies in our community as well as local schools to make a plan to get things back to normal.  Some cannot wait till 2022.

Environmentally Friendly Leasing and Property Management

Residential Leasing and Property Management

ReLISTO has a new car! Residential leasing and property management requires quite a lot of travel, so you may have seen us zipping around town or parked in your neighborhood! Our new electric 2019 Smart CQ allows us to greater flexibility and versatility to serve our clients quickly and efficiently as ever. In addition to keeping ReLISTO’s team members agile, our little electric vehicle furthers our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint. This means we provide premiere residential leasing and property management services you can feel good about.

For the last 10 years, ReLISTO has been an industry leader in the use of innovative tools and technologies to deliver residential leasing and property management services. From our nearly paperless operations to proprietary online rental calculators, ReLISTO is dedicated to leading the real estate leasing industry in serving not only clients, but also the community as a whole. ReLISTO is aligned with San Francisco’s commitment to lower greenhouse gas emissions by employing greener alternatives for our operational processes. The biggest contributor to the city’s greenhouse gas emission is privately owned passenger cars and trucks.

Because leasing agents and property managers are required to travel around the city constantly to show and maintain property, moving from internal combustion engine vehicles to electric is one of the best ways to cut the company’s carbon footprint. With 44% of San Francisco’s electrical grid running on renewable energy sources, ReLISTO’s use of electric vehicles reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions we would otherwise create by 75%! ReLISTO applauds the city’s efforts to lower transportation-related emissions and is committed to doing our part as an industry leader–providing exceptional and environmentally friendly residential leasing and property management services in order to reduce our overall environmental impact.

Floating Staircases

ReLISTO- Build Floating Staircase for your Rental

In San Francisco,  floating staircases generate higher rents.  As such,  ReLISTO   prices these type of rental properties higher than similar properties in the same neighborhood; We know they’re  are in high demand with our tenant customers.

Due to state code requirements, owner must build floating staircases  to specific standards. These standards prevent the  building of a “true” floating staircase since rails must be present on each side.  Rails help steady the user while ascending/descending thereby helping avoid falls.  On the downside, it counters the minimalist aesthetics and most unfortunately, at a time we all want home prices to fall, dramatically increases the cost to build.  In San Francisco, standard floating staircases will have glass on the open side.

ReLISTO helps San Francisco and Central Coast owners lease and manage their properties. We  secure qualified tenants, effectively manage each property and take  care of each resident.  We as part of our capital improvement program are happy to help our owners evaluate the benefits of converting their staircase. If right for our owner, our management team will even help manage the build as part of our standard service.






State of California Updates the Three Day Notice Rule

New three day notice rules for the State of California  go into effect September 1, 2009.  Moving forward weekend and holidays may no longer be counted as a “day”.  ReLISTO a residential and full property management service company for San Francisco  has already incorporated this into our workflow to ensure our landlords stay compliant with the law  and any notice provided is done so correctly. Below is the summary and recommendation from the San Francisco Apartment Association regarding this matter.
“Under a law taking effect September 1, 2019, weekends and court holidays will no longer count toward the three-day notice period and the five-day period for responding to an unlawful-detainer summons and complaint. For example, under the new law, the deadline to pay rent for a three-day notice served given on a Friday wouldn’t be due until Wednesday— two days later than the current Monday deadline.
Previously, weekends and court holidays could count toward these notice periods, although a notice could not expire on weekend or court holiday.
To ensure compliance with the new law, AB 2343, SFAA recommends that the new method of counting should be used for three day notices served on or after August 29, 2019 and for complaints served on or after August 27, 2019.”

ReLISTO on ABC News!

Christian Elbeck from ReLISTO was  featured on ABC news June 19th, 2019.  It was a story on how many of San Francisco’s residents join with others to lease larger homes and split living costs. The rooms utilized to accomplish this are sometimes unconventional, with housemates using a dining, fainting or laundry room as a bedrooms. This is done without the consent of the Agent or Owner but its being done to distribute the rent to a manageable amount for each resident. For some, its not a matter of financial need but rather a desire to live in a community.

Regardless of reason, San Francisco is in dire need of more housing. Housing should include not only conventional apartments and houses but also micro apartments and co-living homes (dorms for adults).
Continue reading “ReLISTO on ABC News!”

New Features to Best Rent Our Landlord’s Property

We’ve updated our site, and made it more convenient for tenants searching for a great place to rent in San Francisco! 

ReLISTO is committed to serving  our landlords to maximize the exposure of their property.

With our new and updated website features,  ReLISTO  is ready to help landlords get their  properties leased. From online services, to accomplished leasing agents, we have the tools to assist you in any way we can. In addition, we’ve also upped our property management game.

Lets us manage your property! Make your life a little easier by allowing us to help you with everything property related. Our experienced property managers are here for you.

Notable Differences On WebSIte:

  • A clean, updated look


  • Open House information in the thumbnail of each listing, so you don’t even have to click the link to see when you can come see a unit!

  • Open House pop ups on the front page so you don’t miss out!


Come check out our new site, and see some of the homes we have to offer. And check out our newly added Property Management section! We have services for apartment seekers and property owners, alike.





We may look different, but we’re still offering the same reliable service. 

ReLISTO (Real Estate Leasing Innovations, Services and Tools Online) is a San Francisco real estate leasing brokerage that leverages technology to better lease real property, place tenants, and support landlord’s with online tools and services.

Pacific Avenue is the Hottest Place to Live

Pacific Height elegance, take a look at all it has to offer


The Building:

This apartment building is everything you could possibly want while living in one of the most prestigious areas of  San Francisco Bay.  It’s features and amenities are at the top of everyone’s must have list, and include a spacious car port to allow for drive up entry to the front door where  24 hour door staff is there to greet you as you enter . 

This building is the definition of elegant. From the moment you enter the main lobby, you are transported into another world. The lobby is clean and well kept, packages are saved for your return and there’s always a friendly desk clerk waiting to greet you whenever you pass by.

This 12 level building has a stellar rooftop, heated pool and deck area with  360 degree view of San Francisco Bay. There’s nothing better than going for a nice, relaxing swim on a warm afternoon, and then getting out of the water to see the gorgeous San Francisco skyline from all angles.

The Apartments:

At this point you may be thinking “Wow, this building is great!, but how are the actual apartments?” Well, to put it frankly, the apartments are… stunning! They’re clean, well kept, and very spacious. This one (Pictured) even has a mini golf course right in the backyard! Many of the units facing the bay are two levels. In addition, most of them have at least one private balcony to enjoy the views.

This gorgeous apartment is 1150 square feet of pure bliss. It’s roomy, elegant, and best of all, it comes fully furnished. You could move in immediately and not have to do a single thing. It has one bedroom, one and a half bathrooms, a modern kitchen, a stylish living area, and a spacious backyard.

Here are the furnished amenities featured in this unit:


If you’re interested in seeing this amazing apartment in person, check it out on our website and schedule a showing! And if you want to see more of our listings, follow us on social media:  

ReLISTO announces new property management services


October 23, 2018 – ReLISTO has officially launched its new division of residential and commercial Property Management for Northern California, encompassing San Francisco, North Bay, South Bay, and Peninsula areas.

While ReLISTO has historically offered full service Property Management to its portfolio of leasing clients.  The new focus will be on providing that same service and commitment to quality and value to a wider range of real estate owners, investors and investment companies.

With over 30 years combined experience in real estate in San Francisco, ReLISTO Property Management is looking to fill the void left between legacy paper based Management companies and the newest entrants that focus more on efficiency rather than a full and personalized service which is so important in real estate transactions.

ReLISTO Property Management offers a complete service in real estate asset management, leasing, and asset preservation.  With a sharp understanding of the relationship between all parties in the transaction, ReLISTO Property Management aims to provide a service which is tailored for each and every individual client.

Additional management services that will be provided include:

  • Maximizing rental returns,
  • Handling lease turnover
  • Security deposit management and calculators
  • Relocation services for SMEs and Enterprise companies
  • Online rent pay and funds disbursement, as well as online maintenance requests
  • HOA management and administration


ReLISTO Property Management is simplifying the process by which assets are managed, enhancing yields and adding value to Owners’ portfolios.




About ReLISTO Property Management

ReLISTO is a full service property management division offering a full range of services to both residential, condominium and commercial clients.  The Company is well represented across multiple asset classes both locally and regionally. Our diverse portfolio consists of modern residential properties, industrial business space and condominiums throughout San Francisco and Northern California. A subsidiary of ReLISTO, a local leader in the real estate industry focusing on the leasing of quality accommodation and real estate asset management (                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               


ReLISTO (Real Estate Leasing Innovations, Services and Tools Online) is a San Francisco real estate leasing brokerage that leverages technology to better lease real property, place tenants, and support landlord’s with online tools and services.

Founded in 2010, we have been consistently on the leading edge of the rental market in San Francisco. Our focus includes providing our landlord clients experienced agents, solid returns on their investments, securing qualified tenants, developing more housing options for residents, embracing the best online marketing resources and creating online tools, such as the SF Rental Calculator to help our landlords and tenants with rent increase and security deposits.


                                                                                                                                                            For further information, please contact:

Mr. C. J. Corman

Director – ReLISTO Property Management

Tel: (415) 480-4541